Chive, Cheese and Cucumber snack

Looking for a simple midday lunch? Or do you need an easy snack?

I sound like a television advertisement :/

In all seriousness. This has to be the easiest snack recipe, and perhaps one of the healthiest too. It is perfect for lunch. It is perfect for those little cravings. Honestly I don’t really know what else to write about this one.

I made it when I was feeling a little peckish, but didn’t want to eat all that much. I wanted something to curb the hunger, but not make me feel bloated. Now how could you possibly go wrong when you have cheese, and chives and cucumber?

All you need to do is chop up the chives finely, and mix it through with the cheese. I add a pinch of salt and paprika and mix it through really well. The paprika is optional, but I think it adds just a nice little amount of warmth to the snack – just another layer of flavor.


I used some simple sandwich bread for this, but I would honestly prefer a crusty rye or sourdough for this. Toast up the bread nicely, either in a pan or in a toaster, and then spread over the cream cheese mixture.

Slice the cucumber thinly, and lay these across the bread.




That’s it.



Okay recipe card 😛

chives, cheese and cucumber snack.jpg


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