Malaysian Style Marinated Chicken

So I initially wanted to make Satay chicken, now the chicken itself could absolutely be served with a home made or store bought satay sauce, but I will also go through my delicious tamarind sauce that pairs amazing with the chicken and can also be used as a marinade too 🙂

It has been a while since I made some chicken, so I figured why not? Now I used chicken thighs, really just for the flavour and tenderness of this meat, but if you want to go for the healthy variation use chicken breast instead. Of course bone-in skin on would be the most flavourful, but to make life a little easy I went with skinless and boneless thigh fillets. Chicken tenderloins would work as well!

This recipe is really quite simple. I recommend blitzing the peanuts for the tamarind sauce FIRST, and then processing up the marinade followed by the other sauce ingredients. In terms of the marinade, I’ve made this quite mild, but do feel free to add plenty more chili. If you don’t really have time to marinate the chicken, it’s fine to liberally coat the meat and fry everything up, but ideally overnight will ensure tender flavorsome chicken.


Again, the ideal situation is to grill the chicken on a grill plate or barbecue to to get that beautiful and delicious charred flavour, but pan frying or roasting them in the oven work well too. Honestly, I do find it just a bit easier on the clean up side of things to just use a non-stick fry pan or pot (particularly on those work/school nights). Just ensure to move the chicken around in the fry pan to ensure you get color on the chicken, by removing it from areas of high moisture. This is the obvious downside to using a fry pan or pot, but in the end the choice is yours as to which cooking method to use.




Now the marinade is easy and delicious and packed full of flavour. I mixed up tamarind, chili, lemongrass, a touch of lime juice, fresh coriander leaves and stalks, ground coriander, peanut oil, some water, shallots, turmeric and garlic. SO much flavour and variation in one go. Trust me, this marinade is just bang on.

The sauce is really very similar, but of course I added peanuts. I cooked off the sauce before serving to get rid of any raw garlic and shallot flavor. For the sauce I used plenty of tamarind, lime, peanuts (as I said), garlic, ginger, shallots (as I said), dried chilli, chili powder, turmeric, coriander leaves and stalks, ground coriander, kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), peanut oil, lemongrass, and water. Here the essential differences between the sauce and marinade, is that I chose to use dried chili and peanuts in the sauce and ofc the soy addition.


Now this marinade, and this sauce could be directly used as a marinade for fish and ofc (in the case of the sauce) a marinade for chicken. Trust me it turns out delicious.

Okay. Recipe time!


Trust me, try this one. It is SOO good.

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