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SO again, I’m sorta going through my backlog of posts here *sigh*. Such are the hassles of taking time off from blogging, but loving food and restaurant hopping too much to let it go. I figured I should start my new reviews with possibly one of my go-to places for brunch in the city – Devon Cafe. Located on Devonshire street in Sydney, this place is quaint and kind of looks out of place in a fairly old and run down looking street.

Is this place my favourite? Well it’s high up on my favourites list, but yes I sometimes do have mixed feelings about Devon. I am a big fan of their breakfast items, but not so keen on some of the lunch items – particularly the sandwiches. But nonetheless, this cafe is a fabulous and bustling place to head to for a decent meal. The portions are pretty huge, and I can only call the prices moderate.

Now for the run down of the meals.

Let’s start with the Breakfast with the Sakuma’s 


This comes with a truly delicious miso grilled king salmon fillet, smoked eel croquette, kewpie mayo, 63° egg and radish salad. Firstly, look at that plating!! Isn’t it stunning??

The salmon was incredible. It was flaky, and tender and flavoursome with the rich miso laced throughout. This was complimented so well by the creamy avocado and salad alongside breaking through the richness of the fish. The egg was cooked so nicely, with a yummy runny yolk allowing me to drench everything in the tasty yolk. This yolk acted like an interesting and rich sauce, with the kewpie mayo, for the smoked eel croquette.

Now I was genuinely afraid of the eel croquette, considering I have never eaten it before *yikes*. But when I took a bite, I fell in love. It was smooth, smokey and full of flavour. The crunchy coating matched that beautiful smokey smoothness, and thankfully not any part of this was soggy. The entire fried thing with the yolk and mayo was truly divine.

Next up – Egg’s Blini


So here we have buckwheat blini’s, topped with cured Salmon, avocado, poached eggs and some broccolini. 

Now the little Blini pancakes were light, they were fluffy, and they were simple to rip apart and savour with the salty cured salmon. Now the salmon was a little too salty for my personal preference, but the creamy sauce and the avocado did break that down a little. The broccolini has a bit of a bite to it, and tasted delicious soaked in the runny yolk of the poached egg, and the creamy sauce poured all over.

Finally – (awkward moment when I forgot the menu item and it no longer is actually on the menu!) Chorizo and Blood sausage, with harrissa and crispy potatoes.


Now this was a little daunting for me. The blood sausage in particular. I guess I just play it really safe with my foods? I don’t know. I never grew up eating items like blood sausage, or eel.

The harissa was spicy and fragrant, and was amazing when paired with that sausage and the crispy potatoes. Oh the sausage? So incredibly rich, with that beautiful chorizo spicy flavours. The egg complimented everything in this meal, and that is really all that I can really say about this one!

Now to rate:

Food: 8/10

I think there are items on the menu that are fabulous, and others that are kind of average. Breakfast with the Sakuma’s is probably the best thing I’ve eaten here.

Service: 5/10

To be frank I found the service slow, and a little bored. It took a while for the waitress to come to our table with the menus, then to take the order, and then with the food. Sure there is always a rush at Devon, but the time it took did bug me a fair bit.

Ambience: 9/10

Oh Devon is so cute and the courtyard has to be my favourite. It bustling and busy and always a little loud. It makes the experience fun, and when there is such a big crowd… you know it is a good place 😀

The Menu: 9/10

I love how experimental this cafe is with interesting flavours and meats to go alongside brunch classics like pancakes, salmon and your simple salad. This is something that really makes Devon stand out.

Overall Score: 7.75/10

Is it worth heading there? For sure.






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