The Miniature Kitchen started from my, often failed, attempts at cooking fun and yummy food. It is really just a simple concept that I’ve developed not only in my cooking, but in my life too. Maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle, balancing study/work with a good diet and regular exercise. No my focus isn’t on weight loss, or trying to achieve a size zero figure.

The Miniature Kitchen is all about healthy food, and throwing in a few treats here and there. My focus is on affordable and straightforward recipes that anyone can do. As a (former) University student, now working full-time as an analyst, each of these recipes has allowed me to take time away from the books and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I hope The Miniature Kitchen inspires people out there to take a step back and put an effort into creating wholesome and healthy feeds. To be honest, though, I hope everyone takes a little bit of inspiration to try to make their lives as healthy and clean as possible. Don’t get me wrong, of course I indulge in the occasional fast food pizza or burger, but overall I really do aim for a good home cooked and healthy meal.

Why home cooked? Well for starters it is cheaper. I aim to incorporate affordable ingredients into my recipes, usually focusing on one key standout. I also try to hunt down affordable super-foods to add into my recipes. Secondly, home cooking means you know exactly what is on your plate. There is no hidden salt or sugar or oils or butter. You know your body best and by cooking the food yourself, you know exactly the level of ingredients you can handle. You will notice, in fact, I tend to avoid the overuse of salt and sugar in all my recipes. Why? Well I’ve grown up with a diabetic father and a mother with high blood pressure.

No I am not a nutrition student, nor am I studying food sciences.I studied biomedical engineering and commerce student that simply has a keen interest in cooking all things wonderful. Growing up in a household that so closely monitors its food has taught me a thing or two about what is good and bad for the body.

I hope you all enjoy reading through my recipes and find something suitable for yourself and/or your family! Do pass on feedback for me so I can improve my blog. I would also love to see your attempts at my recipes!

The Miniature Kitchen.

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